Cheney on the M.T.A. with native threads.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.7.3
May 07 2018
This release includes many bug fixes as well as performance enhancements for hash tables.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.7.2
Feb 15 2018
Cyclone now includes a built-in pattern match library! This release also provides bug fixes for macro hygiene and allocation of large objects.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.7.1
Dec 21 2017
This release improves support for macros by (finally) including let-syntax and letrec-syntax as well as enhancing eval to allow defining syntax-rules macros. The release also adds a few minor features from R7RS that had been missing.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.7
Nov 17 2017
This is the first Cyclone release with Unicode support.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.6.3
Sep 16 2017
This release contains many bugfixes from wasamasa and a compiler optimization for numerical operations based on a post from the CHICKEN hackers mailing list.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.6.2
Aug 25 2017
This release provides additional performance improvements and fixes a potential crash when working with large vectors.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.6
Aug 21 2017
This release provides significant speed improvements to read and includes the SRFI 143 fixnum library for higher performance integer operations.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5.4
Aug 03 2017
This release allows icyc to specify additional library import directories and also includes minor performance improvements.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5.3
Jun 29 2017
This release allows import of system libraries with arbitrary names and improves the performance of minor garbage collection.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5.2
Jun 06 2017
This release fixes a bug in for-each that caused poor performance when iterating over large lists.

Using the C Profiler and Debugger with Cyclone Scheme
Jun 05 2017
While going through a new run of the R7RS benchmarks from Larceny, I noticed Cyclone performed significantly worse than other schemes on the tail benchmark.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5.1
May 24 2017
The main focus of 0.5.1 is performance but this is also the first release to provide installation instructions for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5
Apr 14 2017
With interpreter support for loading libraries via import, icyc can now be used to its full potential.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.4
Mar 09 2017
Support is now available for bignums and integer overflow.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3.4
Feb 10 2017
Cyclone Scheme 0.3.4 is now available.

Writing the Cyclone Scheme Compiler (Revised 2017)
Jan 11 2017
Providing an update on Cyclone’s internals and the development process

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3.3
Dec 19 2016
Cyclone Scheme 0.3.3 is now available.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3.2
Nov 22 2016
Cyclone Scheme 0.3.2 is now available.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3.1
Nov 20 2016
Cyclone Scheme 0.3.1 is now available.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3
Oct 22 2016
Cyclone Scheme 0.3 is now available.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.2
Sep 07 2016
Cyclone Scheme 0.2 is now available.

Announcing the Cyclone Scheme Compiler
Jul 27 2016
Initial announcement to comp.lang.scheme