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Feb 15 2018 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.7.2
Cyclone now includes a built-in pattern match library! This release also provides bug fixes for macro hygiene and allocation of large objects.

Dec 21 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.7.1
This release improves support for macros by (finally) including let-syntax and letrec-syntax as well as enhancing eval to allow defining syntax-rules macros. The release also adds a few minor features from R7RS that had been missing.

Nov 17 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.7
This is the first Cyclone release with Unicode support.

Sep 16 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.6.3
This release contains many bugfixes from wasamasa and a compiler optimization for numerical operations based on a post from the CHICKEN hackers mailing list.

Aug 25 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.6.2
This release provides additional performance improvements and fixes a potential crash when working with large vectors.

Aug 21 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.6
This release provides significant speed improvements to read and includes the SRFI 143 fixnum library for higher performance integer operations.

Aug 03 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5.4
This release allows icyc to specify additional library import directories and also includes minor performance improvements.

Jun 29 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5.3
This release allows import of system libraries with arbitrary names and improves the performance of minor garbage collection.

Jun 06 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5.2
This release fixes a bug in for-each that caused poor performance when iterating over large lists.

Jun 05 2017 » Using the C Profiler and Debugger with Cyclone Scheme
While going through a new run of the R7RS benchmarks from Larceny, I noticed Cyclone performed significantly worse than other schemes on the tail benchmark.

May 24 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5.1
The main focus of 0.5.1 is performance but this is also the first release to provide installation instructions for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Apr 14 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.5
With interpreter support for loading libraries via import, icyc can now be used to its full potential.

Mar 09 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.4
Support is now available for bignums and integer overflow.

Feb 10 2017 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3.4
Cyclone Scheme 0.3.4 is now available.

Jan 11 2017 » Writing the Cyclone Scheme Compiler (Revised 2017)
Providing an update on Cyclone’s internals and the development process

Dec 19 2016 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3.3
Cyclone Scheme 0.3.3 is now available.

Nov 22 2016 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3.2
Cyclone Scheme 0.3.2 is now available.

Nov 20 2016 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3.1
Cyclone Scheme 0.3.1 is now available.

Oct 22 2016 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.3
Cyclone Scheme 0.3 is now available.

Sep 07 2016 » Released Cyclone Scheme 0.2
Cyclone Scheme 0.2 is now available.

Jul 27 2016 » Announcing the Cyclone Scheme Compiler
Initial announcement to comp.lang.scheme