Standard Feature Identifiers

Husk provides the r7rs feature identifiers listed below for use by cond-expand and features.

  • r7rs All R7RS Scheme implementations have this feature.
  • full-unicode All Unicode characters present in Unicode version 6.0 are supported as Scheme characters.
  • ratios / with exact arguments produces an exact result when the divisor is nonzero.
  • windows This implementation is running on Windows.
  • unix, darwin, gnu-linux, bsd, freebsd, solaris, ... Operating system ags (perhaps more than one).
  • i386, x86-64, ppc, sparc, jvm, clr, llvm, ... CPU architecture flags.
  • husk The name of this implementation.
  • (husk-version) The installed version of husk.

husk-scheme online documentation rev 3.2 (2021.03.04)