Signaling errors in macro transformers

(syntax-error {message} {args} ... ) syntax
syntax-error behaves similarly to error (6.11) except that implementations with an expansion pass separate from evaluation should signal an error as soon as syntax-error is expanded. This can be used as a syntax-rules template for a pattern that is an invalid use of the macro, which can provide more descriptive error messages. message is a string literal, and args arbitrary expressions providing additional information. Applications cannot count on being able to catch syntax errors with exception handlers or guards.

(define-syntax simple-let (syntax-rules () ((_ (head ... ((x . y) val) . tail) body1 body2 ...) (syntax-error "expected an identifier but got" (x . y))) ((_ ((name val) ...) body1 body2 ...) ((lambda (name ...) body1 body2 ...) val ...))))

husk-scheme online documentation rev 3.2 (2021.03.04)