Eval Library

The (scheme eval) library exports procedures for evaluating Scheme data as programs.

For more information see the R7RS Scheme Specification.


(eval expr . environment)

Evaluate expr in the specified environment and return the resulting value(s).

A non-standard extension is provided to supply a default global environment if the environment argument is not specified.


(create-environment vars values)

A non-standard function to create a new environment on top of the default one.

vars is a list of identifiers in the new environment, and values is a list of each value assigned to each identifier.



A non-standard function to initialize a new global environment.


(expand expr [[environment] [rename-environment]])

Perform macro expansion on expr and return the resulting expression.

environment may be optionally passed as the current environment.

rename-environment is an optional argument of an environment containing variables renamed directly by macros. This would generally be an empty environment when using this function for macro debugging.