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The online user manual provides an overview of the Scheme language as implemented by Husk, instructions for using the Haskell API, an alphabetical index of Scheme functions, and more.

This is still a work in progress, so please report anything you happen to see that is missing or incorrect.

Scheme Language Reference

For full R5RS language documentation and API, please see the online reference at

The goal of husk is to implement the full R5RS Scheme language, except for selected compatibility issues as noted on the husk wiki. If you see a part of the language that is not implemented or that does not follow the R5RS language, please report it as a bug.

Note husk is adding support for the R7RS-small standard language. For more information, including the completed R7RS specification, visit the Scheme Working Groups. Here is a link to the final R7RS-small specification (PDF).