Environments and evaluation

(null-environment version ) r5rs library procedure
If version is equal to 5, corresponding to R5RS, the null-environment procedure returns a specifier for an environment that contains only the bindings for all syntactic keywords defined in the R5RS library. Implementations must support this value of version.

Implementations may also support other values of version, in which case they return a specifier for an environment containing appropriate bindings corresponding to the speci fied version of the report. If version is neither 5 nor another value supported by the implementation, an error is signaled.

(interaction-environment ) repl library procedure
This procedure returns a specifier for a mutable environment that contains an implementation-defined set of bindings, typically a superset of those exported by (scheme base). The intent is that this procedure will return the environment in which the implementation would evaluate expressions entered by the user into a REPL.

(eval expr-or-def environment-specifier ) eval library procedure
If expr-or-def is an expression, it is evaluated in the speci- fied environment and its values are returned. If it is a defi- nition, the specified identifier(s) are defined in the specified environment, provided the environment is not immutable.
(eval '(* 7 3) (environment '(scheme base))) ==> 21 (let ((f (eval '(lambda (f x) (f x x)) (null-environment 5)))) (f + 10)) ==> 20 (eval '(define foo 32) (environment '(scheme base))) ==> error is signaled

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